Increasingly management options are becoming available for treatment of patients diagnosed with tumours. We are happy to discuss all management options for patients diagnosed with tumours and are more than happy to discuss the principles of non-surgical options and palliative procedures where appropriate. Surgical procedures offered include:

  • Staging including bone biopsy
  • Excision of tumours of the skull, mandible & maxilla
  • Thoracic cavity, heart, lungs, diaphragm and mediastinum
  • Abdominal tumours
  • Cervical tumours including canine and feline thyroid masses
  • Excision of soft tissue sarcomas
  • Excision of tumours of the skin
  • Bone tumours (including limb sparing procedures)
  • Tumours of the pelvis, vertebral column, spinal cord and meninges
  • Limb amputation including forequarter, coxofemoral and hemipelvectomy
  • Palliative procedures such as feeding tube placement and placement of vascular access ports to simplify administration of chemotherapy