About Us

Our Aim

Tom is a small animal specialist surgeon with nearly twenty years of experience as a veterinarian, and over half of this time working in specialist & referral environments. Tom is very pleased to make his skills available to patients in and around the Toowoomba region, and beyond. Tom’s services can be booked by your own veterinary surgeon, and surgery will take place at your ‘normal’ clinic (yes, we come to you!). Our aim is to provide high quality, easy to access and affordable specialist surgical care to your pets in an environment that isn’t too far for home (straight to your regular veterinarians practice). This way stress is hopefully minimised to yourself and your pet as the investigation, treatment, surgery and after-care is being performed in a familiar environment.

We provide the highest level of care and close communication with your regular local Vet to ensure the best outcome is achieved for your pet. We also happily offer an open line of communication with yourself and family to ensure any treatment, procedure or after-care is understood, and that any queries you have can be answered.

Here is a brief ‘what to expect’ guide:

Where and when can you access services from TSS?
TSS provides services typically from 8am until 6pm Monday to Thursday, with Fridays kept for urgent cases where possible. All services are by appointment only, which will need to be made by your own veterinarian (vet ‘referral’ is needed). TSS will travel to your local veterinary practice to perform a consultation and, if applicable, surgery will be undertaken on the same day. If required, a consult with you prior to the ‘surgery date’ can be arranged. A full discussion of the procedure and aftercare is undertaken with you prior to surgery, and any questions you may have can be answered. Alternately, Tom can perform this consultation over the telephone or this can be undertaken by your own veterinarian.

What to expect?
Tom will work closely with your local veterinarian to confirm and maximise diagnosis, management options, surgical options, aftercare and outcomes for your beloved fried. Tom is more than happy to discuss all options available with yourself and veterinarian, and advise a tertiary referral if required. If surgery is undertaken Tom will provide his own instruments, implants and materials for the procedure that is to be undertaken, and will be available to speak with your following the procedure. Aftercare advise will be provided to your local veterinarian and a provision of written discharge instructions for you to take home. We are also available to provide aftercare advise during normal working hours to yourself, and when available, after hours.

Can you organise a follow-up examination?
This can be arranged through you local veterinarian, and once again, we come to you.

Tom’s Surgical Services Fees
Before undertaking surgery an accurate estimate of our fees (for surgery only) will be given to the referring veterinarian for them to then provide you with an overall quote for the procedure. Once TSS undergoes surgery, we will directly invoice the referring practice. Your payment will be made directly to the referring veterinary practice  before or at the time of surgery (as per their protocol).