Tom is a specialist small animal surgeon with nearly twenty years of experience as a veterinary surgery with over half of this time working in specialist & referral environments. Tom is very pleased make his skills available to patients in and around the Toowoomba region. Tom’s services can be booked by your own veterinary surgeon. Here is a brief ‘what to expect’ guide:
Where and when Can I access Tom’s Surgical services?
Tom provides services typically from 8 am until 6 Pm Monday to Thursday with Fridays kept for urgent cases. All services are by appointment only by your own veterinary surgeon. Tom will travel to your own veterinary surgeons premises to perform a consultation and surgery if applicable. Tom prefers, where possible, to speak with owners before undertaking surgery so that a full discussion of the procedure and aftercare is undertaken. Alternately Tom can perform this consultation over the telephone or this can be undertaken by your own veterinary surgeon.

What to expect?
Tom will work closely with your own veterinary surgeon to confirm and maximise diagnosis, management options, surgical options, aftercare and outcomes for your beloved fried. Tom is more than happy to discuss all options available and advise a tertiary referral if required. If surgery is undertaken Tom will provide his own instruments, implants and materials for the procedure undertaken and will be available to speak with your following the procedure. Aftercare advise will be provided to your own veterinary surgeons as well as provision of written discharge instructions. Tom is also available to provide aftercare advise during normal working hours and when available after hours.
Can I Organise a Follow-up examination?
This can be arranged through your own veterinary surgeon.

Tom’s Surgical Services Fees
Before undertaking surgery an accurate estimate of fees will be given to your veterinary surgeon. You are required to pay your own veterinary surgeon directly for these fees before or at the time as surgery as I will request payment from them within 7 working days.